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Zendark Build - 12monk/6ranger/2fighter

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build - Zendark Build - 12monk/6ranger/2fighter Empty Zendark Build - 12monk/6ranger/2fighter

Messaggio  Korsat Gio Dic 13, 2012 6:33 pm

Ciao ragazzi, vi posto la mia build dato che un po' di gente ha chiesto informazioni Smile la prendo direttamente dai forum di ddo dove ha riscosso un discreto successo (per cui sarà in inglese, se ci sono problemi nel capire qualcosa chiedetemi pure in-game a Korsat/Avenlight/Zendark).

Zendark Moncher --> An Archer Zen, Monk Dark.

-exceptional ranged dps using earth stance 3 with slaying arrows,lit2 bow or equivalent,manyshot+10kstars(38wisdom=2-3 arrows x shot).
-high melee dps, threat, ac, saves and damage mitigation using earth stance 3, able to tank vod/tod on normal/hard, lob on normal and echrono.

-gear intensive.
-tomes(at least you need +3).

-any passive "melee" past life: fighter (to-hit), monk (+damage), ranger (+ranged damage), barbarian (+hp).
-active past life: monk (higher die roll), paladin (divine favor).

Zendark, half-elf 12monk/6ranger/2fighter - 32point build (34 and 36 can put more points into strenght/const to avoid +3 tomes or save the human greater adaptability ap or again invest 2 points into intelligence to take combat mastery if you want ac)

Earth stance III: The unyielding mountain focuses on endurance and defense. Greater Mountain Stance grants +3 Constitution, 15% physical damage resistance, a +3 Insight bonus to Natural Armor, a +55% Insight bonus to melee threat generation, and the critical multiplier of all weapons you use is increased by 1 on rolls of a natural 19 or 20, at the cost of -2 Dexterity and -10% movement speed. While in Greater Mountain Stance, you gain 'Get Hit Effect: Gain 1 ki.'

STR 34 (14+3tome+6item+1exc+2rams+2rage+2ship+1fighter+3e chrono)
DEX 30 (16+3tome+6item+1exc+1ranger+1human adaptability+2ship-2stance+2alchemical wraps)
CON 32 (14+3tome+7item+1exc+2ship+2rage+3stance)
INT 12 (8+2tome at lvl 7+2ship)
WIS 38 (16+3tome+6item+3monk+2ship+5lvlup+1exceptional+2i nsightful)
CHA 18 (8+1tome+7item+2ship) <-- +3 tome here is useful just to hit higher umd

I know there are a lot of +3 tomes here, not easy to get for everyone. If you find +4 you can save the aps for human adaptability and ranger dex and find space for things like human versatility, more healing amplification, favored enemy attack/damage/ac or save some epic exc +1stat slot ;D

1 Ranger - thoughness, fav.enemy: evil outsider, rogue dilly (may be cleric if you want no-fail heal scrolls and shield(10th) wands)
2 Monk - zen archer(monk)
3 Monk - stunning fists(monk), point blank shot
4 Ranger
5 Ranger
6 Ranger - mental thoughness
7 Ranger - fav.enemy: construct
8 Ranger
9 Monk - dark path, w.focus: ranged
10 Monk
11 Monk
12 Monk - i.critical: ranged, dodge(monk)
13 Fighter - improved precise shot
14 Fighter - greater twf
15 Monk - i.critical: bludgeon
16 Monk
17 Monk
18 Monk - power attack or precision or combat expertise (depending on you priorities)
19 Monk
20 Monk

The idea is to level up using fists till lvl 9 when we can get aa and start to use both melee and ranged weapons(manyshot+melee when ms is on cooldown). From level 12 we can start to use 10k stars. At lvl 17 we unlock Touch of Death with decent dc due to high wisdom for 250-1500 negative damage(more after a stun).

I use these abilities in the following order:
10k stars (30sec) --> manyshot (20sec) --> melee (70 sec) --> 10k stars (30sec) -->manyshot (20 sec) --> melee (70 sec) --> and so on.
I find this the best progression because when I don't have 10k+ms ready on bow I loose something in terms of dps by continuosly swap bow and wraps... and melee dps (that most archers ignore) is really awesome on this toon.

GEARS (I've finally found the perfect setup for the build IMO):
helm: Epic helm of frost (+7cha, yellow slot)
googles: Epic raven sight (exc wis +2, true seeing, +4 to-hit)
cloak: Echrono (+7 const, +5 saves, green slot)
gauntless: Epic gloves of the claw (+6str, 30% healing amp, +4 damage and +20%threat)
bracers: Epic schorched bracers (+8armor bonus, green slot)
boots: GS +45 hp concordant opposition(+6wisdom)/Golden greaves(dr 3/-)/Anchoring
neckle: Shintao cord(+2 to-hit/damage, +15 concentration)/Gilvenor's neckle(+2to-hit, +10%bow speed)/Epic grim bracelet(+7str, 3% dodge)
outfit: Frozen tunic(ki generation, freezing ice, 1% dodge ritual)/Spider (+8wis)/Icy raiment(4% dodge, 1% dodge ritual)/DT 10%threat,15%threat,destruction(1% dodge ritual)
belt: Epic spare hand(+5 combat mastery, staggering blow, riposte, +3competence umd, colorless slot, blue slot)/GS +45 hp concordant opposition(+6wisdom)
ring1: Epic ring of the stalker(+6seeker, ghostly, manslayer, exceptional sneak attack +3, colorless slot, yellow slot)
ring2: Kyosho's ring(+6wisdom,+1exc str,slotted holy burst,+2to-hit/damage)/Gilvenor's ring(+6 dex,+1exc dex, slotted holy burst,+10%bow speed)
trinket: Epic gem of many facets(claw and raven sets, yellow slot)
weapons: Lit2 gs bow, Epic elemental bow T3(slotted good), Epic Thornold, Pinion, etc (there are a lot of good bows around) / Alchemical byeshk air/air wraps(+2alchemical dex, insight +4, double strike 6%, lighting strike and stunning +10), Greater evil outsider bane, Smiting, Disruption, Grave wrappings, Antipode.

8 slots: thoughness(cloak), heavy fortification(bracers), +1exc wis(stalker), +1exc con(stalker), +1exc dex(belt), +6 dex(belt), gfl(helm), gem is actually empty. If you prefer gilvenor's AA set you simply don't have to slot dex +6 and exc dex +1 but exc strenght +1 somewhere, the trade-off is +6to-hit/+4damage and +10% bow speed instead of +6 to-hit/+6damage with the shintao set that means higher bow dps and lower melee dps.

I swap outfit/neckle/ring/belt/boots for different setups, these are the most common(Note: stats remain always the same):
Dps mode: frozen tunic/spider (+8 wis)+shintao set/gilvenor's set+spare hand+gs boots
Ac tank mode: icy raiment+grim bracelet+gs belt+gilvenor's ring+golden greaves/anchoring(tod)
Threat tank mode: dt 10%threat,15%threat,destruction+shintao set+spare hand+gs boots

With this set up:
+4to-hit/+4damage(up to +6to-hit/+6damage), stunning dc 50=20+10wraps+5belt+15wisdom(with yugo), +1ki on hit, +6 seeker, heavy fort, thoughness, +45 hp, profane +3 str and profane +3 natural armor, true seeing, +30% healing amplification, +20% threat, ghostly, manslayer, sneak attack +3/+5, up to 4d6 base fists damage.

HP: are 571 after ship buffs and rage with this setting, 611 with yugo pot (with the 15% dr and incorporeal miss chance this is enough to tank all but elob). Around 750-800 @25 depending on ED.

AP: full AA, ninja spy 2, earth stance3, wind stance2 (prerequisite for 10k stars, also useful when solo), 10k stars, Touch of death and his prerequisites, human adaptability(you can play around with this to avoid odd stats) and versatility(higher possible), ranger dex(if you have odd stat), haste boost, racial thoughness(I personally have 2), way of the patience tortoise(1-2), some healing amplification(I have just 1st human tier), fighter strenght and monk wisdom(2 or 3) are the most important. Then if you have points left I suggest favored enemy attack, ac, damage and resistance(in order) and sprint boost.

SKILLS: max concentration, balance and umd, 1 point into tumble and something into jump. (intimidate is nice to have if you have more points).

UMD: 11ranks+5cha+6gs(swappable)+4gh+3belt+2good luck(swappable-cove ringT3)+3Epic spyglassT3(swappable)+3(or 4)human versatility=37-38 <-- no fail shield wand(10th) and heal scrolls for 20 seconds boost and 75-80% success without boost. 100% on raise and fire shield scrolls.

AC changed a lot with MOTU. Before I had enough to tank hard TOD without problems, now I can survive pretty well with the 25% incorporeal, around the 10% dodge and a mid-high AC. But AC is no more my priority, but if you can work on it(with epic feats for example see @end post).


DPS feats: Improved Martial Arts, Vorpal Strike.
AC feats: Combat Expertise (instead of PA/precision at 18), Bulwark of Defence, Improved Martial Arts.

Regarding EDs: as I said before there isn't a first best, you should try to know which one is better for you playstyle, then we can discuss here about the different ED/Twists set ups
I personally love fury with twists +1.5[w], extra action boost, legendary tactics(for trash)/haste boost3(for bosses).

Enjoy it!


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Data d'iscrizione : 13.12.12

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